Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra and City Music Center are working with the Pittsburgh Housing Authority on an extensive outreach collaboration; one which we are very excited about. PJO is going to provide a lot of very high-quality music education at a very low cost. One part of the program focuses on educating Pittsburgh’s most talented young musicians. The other part of the program focuses on providing resources to students who typically could not afford them, with the goal of helping these students earn their way into the talented young musician portion mentioned earlier.


We are confident that this program is going to be very beneficial to the students who participate. Our current efforts revolve around making sure that no interested student misses the opportunity.


The two aspects of the project include:


PJOYouth Orchestra - This will be a group of the 26 best young musicians we can find in Pittsburgh. The group will be conducted by Mike Tomaro and James Moore and receive classes, lessons, and master classes from PJO faculty artists.


PJOYouth Future All-Stars - We are looking for 80 students residing in Pittsburgh’s subsidized housing to receive a top-level music education at little to no cost. CMC and PJO will educate these students and provide instruments.




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