Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra’s mission is to celebrate Pittsburgh's rich jazz history in the here and now by uniting local jazz musicians to perform the broad scope of jazz styles in an orchestral format, and to promote jazz to future generations by providing high-quality music education and jazz orchestra performance opportunities to young musicians in the Pittsburgh region.

our mission

our band





Sean Jones, artistic director, trumpet

Mike Tomaro, co-artistic director, director of PJO

Youth Orchestra, lead alto saxophone

James Moore, associate director PJOYouth Orchestra, trumpet


Curtis Johnson, alto saxophone

Eric DeFade, tenor saxophone

Jason Kush, tenor saxophone

Jim Germann, baritone saxophone

J.D. Chaisson, lead trumpet

Joe Badaczewski, trumpet

E. Ron Horton, trumpet

Jeff Bush, lead trombone

Reggie Watkins, trombone

Emmett Goods, trombone

Glenn Wayland, bass trombone

Marty Ashby, guitar

Alton Merrell, piano

Paul Thompson, bass

Tom Wendt, drums